Sunday, January 19, 2014

Popping the questions to my Bridesmaids!

We are 279 days away from our wedding day!!! I cannot believe how quickly it is going!
We are almost to the 9 month mark! I feel like I have gotten so much done, but at the same time I feel like I have SO much to do!
I am learning so much about weddings, food tastings, dresses, contracts, centerpieces and on and on!!
I feel like sometimes I'm not sure whats going on... but People keep telling me that I could do this for a living!
Such a huge complement! I am really enjoying getting to make so many things and use all the ideas I have come up with or taken from pintrest! It really is a lot of fun!

I wanted to share with you how I asked my Bridesmaids to be in our wedding!
Let me start by saying, I have the world's most AMAZING bridal party! I'm not just saying that...  I literally have the most amazing ladies standing by me!!
I do have a very large bridal party, but I cannot imagine not having one of them with me!

Almost as soon as I was engaged, I was ready to ask my ladies to stand by my side! I knew that I wanted to do something special and ask them in a unique way!
So I went to hobby lobby, got some small boxes and colored paper and started making these...

The purple tag on the top said, " Now it's my turn to pop the question..." 
I had to make a lot of these because I have 16 Bridesmaids, and two flower girls! 

As you open the box there is a string attached to the top and as you pull you reveal the question... 

 After you pull the sting all the way out of the box this is what you see.

Attached to the end of the string was a ring that I had made by Amy Cornwell. I have several of her pieces and I knew that I wanted to have her make something for this special time! Each one of the rings say 'Loved' on them. I wanted to remind them that they are so loved by me and so many other people! 

 Here is Jessica opening her box from start to finish! 
(Thankfully her hubby was there to take all the photos & I was on speaker phone as she opened) 

It was so exciting to get text messages from all my ladies holding the ribbon and wearing their rings! Everyone say YES!! =]

I am so blessed!!!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wedding Planning, Wedding dress shopping & Engagement Party!

It's officially been 4 months and 1 day since my sweetheart proposed to me!!! 
I can't believe it's gone by so fast! 
And now... we are at the 13 month mark! 
Officially we have 12 months, 4 weeks, 1 day, 2 hours & 44 minutes (as of right now) 
but who's counting right!! hehe =] 

Actually, I can't believe that is all the time we have left, but I also cannot believe that I have gotten so much done. 
As of this weekend, I have my ceremony & reception places booked & paid for. I have hired someone to do the food for the rehearsal dinner. I have found my caterer for the reception( food testing was last week- oh my word.. AMAZING) & found someone to make our wedding cake! We tasted that last week too! I am having a hard time only picking two flavors! I may end up with more =] 

Last Thursday, Mom & I went to the airport to pick up our best friends from Florida! I was so excited, I had butterflies. It was the first time I got to see my best friends since I have been engaged! And just like when she got engaged, she was the first person I wanted to tell all about everything! They both went with us to the food & cake tasting! So fun! 
We stopped on the way back home to take some fun photos! Jeni had never been in Indiana so all the color change was new for her

On Friday, My fiance and several of our friends came up for the weekend. Our engagement party was this last weekend & it was a blast! We had so much fun having so many people up to visit and just spend time with everyone! 
Friday morning all the ladies went dress shopping... for a WEDDING DRESS!!! 

It was me, my mom, my sister(maid of honor), Jeni (Matron of Honor), Telisha ( Bridesmaid), Tonya (second mother), Ashley (amazing friend & our photographer), Emily (friend) & Amie(friend) 
It was SUCH a fun girls day! And these ladies were so helpful and made me feel so beautiful! 

When we got ready to leave from picking out dresses, the Dress Shop owner talked to my mom & I and almost started to cry telling us how much we blessed her. She was so impressed with my friends and loved ones. How they were so excited for me & how much they poured their love on me. 

I am gunna get serious here for a second... Later I talked to my mom about what she said. And I can honestly say, I have the most amazing friends. I know that there are a lot of people who say that. But not only the women in that photo above, but all the ladies that I call my friends are amazing! 
I started crying because God really blessed me with amazing people & no matter the distance and time these ladies and I pick up right where we left off! They are all such a blessing to my heart and make me a better person! 

Back to my weekend =] 

I said, "Yes to the Dress!!!" 

I cannot believe it was so easy & so fun! You watch all these TV  shows about people looking for their wedding dress. I was almost dreading it! I really think it makes a difference if you take people that you want to be there and that are there only to help and not be negative! I found a dress that is ABSOLUTELY  perfect for me. It matches exactly what I was going for and makes me feel like a princess! 
Sorry no photos of the dress until the wedding!! - refer to the countdown above haha =]

We also made a choice on bridesmaid dresses! YAY! 
Found something so awesome, for a great price & they are not like anything I have ever seen before! 
I know all my ladies are going to look awesome! 

Saturday I had an entire team (army) up and helping for engagement photos! 
Let me start by telling you, we have the MOST AMAZING photographer! She is not only a very sweet friend but she is also a phenomenal photographer! She and my sister have spent lots of time together and I have gotten the chance to see a lot of her work. Jon and I are very excited about all the photos she got this weekend and we can't wait for wedding photos! 
We had several outfits changes and several location changes! She shot WAY more photos than we could have ever asked for & was so fun to work with. 

Here is the link to her facebook: 

And link to her website that she just re-launched: 

I have a few photos that she took that I am excited to share with you! 

Amazing right!!! 
We cannot wait to see all the magic she put into these photos! 
My sister also took a lot of the photos & when I get some from her I will show you the magic she made! 
Don't forget to go check out all her stuff! 
Also here is the facebook link for Kourtney. She just shot a wedding in Florida that turned out SO gorgeous! 

Here is s preview of one of her photos! 

Finally, Saturday night we had everyone over to the house for the engagement party! We had amazing food & fellowship with all our loved ones! We were missing a lot of people and wish they could have been here, but we know they were all here in spirit! I will attach a few photos from the party! 
We received some great gifts and things for our new home!
We ended the night with a bonfine & smores bar! 

There are photos of Jon & I practicing cutting a cake! 
Photo of us with all the decorations on the cake table 
Our cake
The gift from my best friend! They are ring dishes that she got for Jon & I, that will go next to our beds!
And a photo of decorations on the table! 

We did have decorations all through the house and outside, but I didn't get many more photos! Maybe someone will get some uploaded for us =] 

This was an amazing weekend & we are so thankful for all the time, money and energy that everyone invested into us! 

Love you all! 

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Engagement video =]

Here is the video of the proposal!!!!

Thanks again Telisha for this awesome memory!

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We're Engaged- His Version!

This is Jon's version of what happened when we he proposed! 
And how he did it =] 

A lot of work. That is what it took. Was it worth every phone call, every spent minute, every dollar, every sleepless night worrying if everything was going to work out? Yes. I would do it a thousand times over.
            I had decided at the beginning of May that I wanted to propose. I knew Whitney was planning on making a trip to Nashville to see me on the 23rd, so I set some plans into motion.
            Working in jewelry, you get to give ideas to guys every day on how to propose. I was used to it..... until my time came around. I had to figure out a way of proposing that was unlike any other suggestion I had ever given. There were so many things I wanted. For those of you who know us, Whitney and I have been dating for six years, so this had to be epic! College friends. Family. A pretty view. A huge banner. Balloons. Flowers. Those are just some of those things that I wanted.
            The way I asked Whitney out on our first date was with a scavenger hunt in Chattanooga, Tn. I thought that since that had begun our relationship that it would be the perfect way to take it to the next level, but I had to “kick it up a notch” (or 2-3). I called everyone who had been there since the beginning for us. All of our college friends and family had to put up with my nagging for about 20 days. Some of our family and friends unfortunately couldn’t make it, so I asked Telisha if she could film it! This girl is amazing at capturing a moment i’ll tell ya. Perfect. Great job T!
This whole thing was a secret that Whitney knew nothing about. She had gotten to my house from Indiana on the Wednesday before I proposed. I knew that if anyone texted me about the “plan” then my cover would be blown and the six year secret would be ruined. So, I did the unimaginable........ I went without my phone for 36 hours. I hid it. Out of sight, out of mind.
            We got to Chattanooga on the night of the 23rd. I made the suggestion that we see a movie because I didn’t want to run into anyone who possibly knew. I was so “tired” afterwards that I just asked if we could go back to the hotel. Everyone was texting me to let me know that they got in safe and that the meeting time was good for them. I had not seen my phone in a long while so I told Whit that I would get the bags from the car... she offered to help... she wouldn’t stop... finally she gave in and let me bring them in. She didn’t know that I was setting aside a set of clothes to leave in the car for the next morning, checking on the engagement ring that I hid in the spare tire and texting everyone back who had just arrived. (I know... sneaky sneaky) I got back into the hotel room and felt all the pressure hit me and all of the hard work and I felt like I couldn’t move. I was so exhausted. I laid down in the bed and poor Whitney (my little night owl) had to straighten her hair, paint her nails and watch tv by herself. (She was not happy about that.)
  After a semi-solid night of sleep, my brain woke me up going a million miles an hour at 6:45am. I was due to get up at 7:45am. The plan was for me to leave and tell her that I was gonna check out the continental breakfast and ask if she wanted anything. In all reality, I would be going to my sister’s hotel room and getting ready to get flowers and balloons. So there I was, laying still. Looking at the alarm clock. Minute, after minute, after minute. Finally 7:45am hit. A wake up call came to our room that I had originally told Whit that I asked for 8:45. In a fake sleep drunken anger I called the front desk and demanded another wake up call for the right time... (they were in on it too). I got up, went over to Whit’s bed, gave her a kiss and got out of there.
            This was the day. The past six years, from the day we met until now, had all led up to this. She would either tell me that she does want to spend the rest of her life putting up with my craziness, or that she doesn’t.
            I had 45 minutes to pick up the camera from Whitney’s parent’s hotel, go grab her breakfast and take a shower at my sister’s hotel. At 8:30, Bri and Telisha were gonna be there to film “The Wake-Up” and then me buying flowers. After that, everyone was going to meet at my sister’s hotel at 9:45 to begin the day. Well nothing ever works out as it is planned with the Mullins family. The wake-up went well. I had asked my sister to take Whit’s phone so that she had no access to any sort of social media or calling. After that, I went to get flowers and forgot my wallet. Telisha and Bri didn’t know this until they were there for a while, but I left them at the store while I went back to the hotel to get my wallet. We had a laugh about that. I couldn’t find the right balloons so I decided to take Charlie and Rico to look for those during the scavenger hunt.
            We got back to the hotel and there everyone was: Brent, Karen, Jonathan, Rachel, Jacqueline, Brandon, Rico, Charlie, Telisha, Bri, Lindz, Dave, Drew, Andrea, Evie, Leyah and Micah. Everything was ready. I had made the huge 12 foot sign the week before with my sister. Hand painted, drawn and cut. Blood, sweat and tears went into that thing. The clues for the scavenger hunt were made. We were set. I had a meeting with everyone telling them the obvious: Don’t mention anything about the proposal, make small conversation and keep her there for 15-20 minutes at each stop (that didn’t work). We all went our separate ways and the people at the last stop all decided that we were gonna meet at my hotel once Whitney is picked up.
            Technical difficulties. Yep. They happened. The battery died in the camera that Whitney’s dad had let us borrow.  By now, it had been about 30 minutes past the time that Whit was supposed to be picked up. After getting resolved, it was about 45-60 minutes past 10am. I can only imagine what Whitney, without any contact with me or social media, was thinking.
            The next few hours passed pretty quickly and we had gotten balloons. Everyone was ready to head up to the final stop of the scavenger hunt, Sunset Rock. I had asked my sister, who was driving Whitney, for extra time (they were blowing through the stops) because we all were being shuttle from one place on the mountain to another to avoid Whit seeing cars on her last stop. Thank you Corey. She did give us extra time but when she left Whitney with her parents to come set up for the proposal, her and Bri got lost. I was scared. All of it could have been ruined. People were on the phone trying to figure out where on the mountain they were. I called Whit’s dad to tell him “get lost”. (the only time I will tell that man that phrase) Everything worked out and my sis and Bri got there safe.
  Nerves. That is all I had left. Pure Nerves. We positioned everyone and the banner and gave Bri the balloons. It was windy so it was a real trip trying to watch her control 12 balloons on the top of the mountain on a windy day. But it felt perfect. It was 70 degrees and there were 1 or 2 clouds in the sky. I was ready.
            I saw her. Her father was bringing her to me. I was hiding. I saw the look on her face. She had no clue. She thought there were other stops. I came out to meet her from behind the bush. I couldn’t swallow and I was shaking. I held out my arms and gave her a hug. She was shaking too. Tears were welling up in her eyes. It felt so right, so perfect. The rest was a blur. I didn’t remember what I said until I edited the video (you should watch it). All I know is she said yes and I got so excited about it that I hugged her and forgot to put the ring on her finger. So, I got down on one knee again and slipped it on. It fit perfectly. Everyone cheered and we took lots and lots of pictures. We all went to lunch and celebrated. That wasn’t enough. After lunch, we went to an arcade/bowling/laser tag place and stayed there until we were hungry for dinner. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

            Some say that your soul sings a special song that only one other can hear. When that other soul sings back, don’t ignore it. I didn’t. I am now engaged to be married to the woman of my dreams, my soul mate.

 I love you Whitney!!!

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The Proposal- My version!!!!!

I'm Engaged!!!!!! 

I remember back to when I was a little girl and I would always of the day that my Prince would come aloneg and one day ask me to marry him.  Several years ago I met my Prince and I have been anxiously waiting for him to propose!
Let me take you back a little bit...  It was in January of 2007 that I moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee.  There were a million things going on in my life and I was not sure where I was going to continue my education... I felt the Lord leading me to a small school that I had never heard of until a few months before.
My first day there I met Jon. Within a few days of school starting, I knew there was something about him and I knew my life would never be the same.

Fast forward...
We have been together since 2007 and in 2009 we graduated college. I moved up north for some job opportunities and Jon eventually moved to Nashville for music opportunities. So yes you read that right... for the past 4 years we have been living apart. 

It's been the hardest thing I have ever done. 

But... I cannot even begin to describe how this was exactly what God had planned for us and how it has made us better for each other. I have learned so much about Jon and myself. We have learned to work through SO many hard times and situations and how to celebrate the great times even more! We have learned how to truly trust another person, how to rely on someone, and what it means to be in love. 
That being said--- 

We ( and by we I mean ME ) have been thinking about getting married since the day I met Jon. 
I'm not kidding guys... Something inside of me knew!  He was the One! 

If you know Jon and myself- you know that we do things pretty big. There is really never a holiday or special occasion that we don't make a big deal out of. The very 1st valentine's we were together, Jon even got some of my friends in on surprising me =]  

I have been joking with friends since I was young that the way my husband would propose better be a good one- or He will have to re-do it. I was obviously kidding... but what woman doesn't want a surprise proposal!?

On May 24th I got what I had always dreamed of ... and had NO idea it was coming!!! 

I knew Jon was going to propose.... at some point. But everyone (including him) had me convinced that  it would at least be in July or September before he asked. So I had no idea what was about to happen. 

It had been about two months since we had seen each other. There has been a lot going on lately in our lives. It's the longest we have been a part in a while. So I was so excited to get down there!! We had some friends that were going to be in town that now live in Hawaii and in Florida and I was coming down so we could go to Chattanooga to visit them. 
One the way down, I casually mentioned getting engaged. He then made a comment to me that when we got back to his house later that weekend that I needed to come in and check my ring size- because a lot of the other rings he had given me were too big or two small and we wanted to make sure that I didn't need to get my engagement ring sized after he asked me. 

My heart sank. 
I had all my fingers and toes crossed that he would maybe propose while we were down there with my friends. I tried really hard to not let it show.. because when it was in God's time I knew it would be better than mine. He apologized several times and said he was sorry. I believed him! 
That night we ran to a goodwill- we like to thrift store shop =]  and then we went to a movie. 
We were suppose to go to other stores and go downtown and hang out. I love Chattanooga and it's where we met, SO I love to be there with him! 
Well, Jon wanted to go to bed????? We got to our hotel and I tried to help carry in our bags and get everything in the room. He would not let me, he kept telling me to just go the room. I was really confused because he always gives me a hard time about helping carry in bags!! hehe! We got to the room and he was asleep in about 20 mins. So I took a shower, dried my hair, fixed it, painted my finger nails (surprised?), watched TV. It was about 2:00am before I got tired. 
I finally went to bed and the next thing I knew it was 7:30 the next morning I heard the phone ring for a wake up call- Jon (pretended) to call the front desk back and tell them to call later. 15 minutes later Jon was up and ready to leave the room. Told me he would be back - he was going to get breakfast?? A little later I realized that he still had not come back!! 

Next thing I know, There are two people knocking and singing at my door?? 
Almost 5 seconds after I heard it- I knew it was Jon's sister and someone?? I answer the door- totally asleep and confused. This is what I remember-
Opening door- and there is Jacquie (Jons sister) and our friend Telisha - with a camera. 
They came in- told me hello - handed me breakfast and told me that they needed my phone and I had to get ready and wear something comfy that I wanted to wear to dinner?! ( It takes me like FOREVER to make a choice on what I am going to wear- and I change several times a day when I am on vacation) So this was hard for me!! They left and I was there alone to find clothes and ponder what was going on.  Took me forever to get ready and still they were not back. They were 45 minutes late!!! I thought they forgot me! 
Finally they arrived- and we talked a little.
Right before we left they handed my a card that was home made that had a clue inside. It was a clue for the 1st place that Jon kissed me.(It was Chauncey Auditorium on campus of the college we attended)  When we got there an old friend from college was there that I have not seen in a long time. We talked a few minutes and then he handed me another clue card.
The second clue card was to a Subway. This was the first place we went and ate lunch together. I walked in and saw the two friends from Hawaii sitting at the table where Jon and I sat over 6 years ago. I got nervous when I saw them really was not sure what was going on. They handed my the third clue card.
The third clue card was for the national cemetery in town. I know you are thinking that it's weird we went there. It was one of my most favorite places in the city.  At the very top of the hill you can stand  and see the whole city! It's an odd place - but it is so gorgeous!  I saw one of my best friends from college and her husband waiting for me. I as not emotional - until I hugged her. I began the ugly cry for a few minutes, but managed to hold it together. I was so glad to see her! She handed me the next clue card.
 This clue talked about the place where we 1st got to share our lives with each other. We literally sat in the car and talked for hours...about everything! In this clue card it said this is where he knew he loved me. If you forgot I am still being video taped.. and when I read this I started to shake. I don't think I stopped the rest of the day.By the way this was at a Starbucks downtown. We finally got there and rounded the corner (by this time I am trying to identify cars parked outside haha) and I had to take a double take - I saw another best friend from college that I have not seen in over two years! I yelled and cried all at the same time and EVERYONE was starring trying to figure out what was going on! We sat and chatted for a little bit and at this time I knew IT was coming! =]
The next (and turns out last) stop was Cold-stone Ice Cream. There happened to be a perfect parking spot right up from - there are never spots there and just before we pulled in I saw my parents. My parents were suppose to be in North Carolina and turns out there were sitting outside waiting for me!! 

All this time I am thinking to myself, How did he pull this off?? 

My dad, Mom, Telisha and I got ice cream and they gave me my next clue card. There was a little confusion on where we were going next. I got it straightened out quickly haha =] I knew now that we were going up the mountain and going to take 'small' hike down the mountain to the most gorgeous overlook. Jon and I and lots of other people have spent a lot of time at this place because it's beautiful. This place is know as Sunset Rock.  Well, I know how much of trek it is back up the mountain and Telisha had me convinced that there were several other stops after this. I tired my hardest to get my parents to just wait for us and let me go down and come back. I didn't win that battle haha They kept saying I would need their help. We finally got down there and I heard a few voices. Rounded the corner and I lost all control of what was going on. My breathe was taken away, I was shaking like leaf... My dad took my hand and walked me in front  of all the friends I had seen through out the day including several other, My future Father and step -mother-in law, brother-in law and  nieces and nephew! All standing with a 12 foot handmade banner, hot pink roses, and red and pink heart balloons. The sign looked like this.....

I was looking everywhere for Jon and he finally came around the from behind the bushes. And I didn't cry (which I am shocked) but I wanted to hear and know everything that Jon said. I still could not tell you exactly what was said- I have watched the video a few times So I have an idea But I remember watching my sweet man get down on one knee and ask me to be his wife! 

 Jon then stood up hugged kissed me and got back down on one knee to tell he that he had an inscription put inside -It says Je T'aime Forever (he gave me a necklace when we first started dating that said this) It took him a while to tell me he loved me. So he would tell me in french =] and he also had a Ruby placed inside the band and told me he was giving me a piece of his heart.  As soon as I get a picture of the inside of the ring I will post it!

Seriously guys, He is amazing! He puts his heart and soul into every single things he does! 

Here is a photo of the AMAZING ring that I GET TO WEAR (and stare at everyday) =]

Here is a photo of most of the people who where a part of this AMAZING day! We are missing my parents, Jon's dad and; step mom and two of the kiddos- Evie & Leyah.

I can't even begin to explain how much it means to me and to Jon that all of these people gave up time and plans for us!! I love these people! 

Finally- His sister made us these AMAZING signs and we got a GREAT photo holding them! 

Needless to say I could have not asked for anything better! Everything was perfect & I was so surprised!  I am not a huge fan of surprises .. but I am SO glad that this was a surprise! 

I am ENGAGED!!! To the man of my dreams- and I get to be his wife!!! 

I love you Jon Mullins! 

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Friday, April 12, 2013

A letter to my 16 year old self

I have seen several times where people write a letter to their younger selves. I have always thought it was a great idea & how I wish I would have had a letter like that when I was 16! 
I almost think it would be awesome to write a letter to yourself every 5 or 10 years and you could look back on them. 
So- Here is the letter to my 16 year old self

Dear 16 year old me,

It’s been 10 years since you were 16. In fact, you are going to be 27 in just a few months. Don’t worry, It’s not as old as you think! You cannot imagine how much life is going to change for you in these next 10 years!

I know that right now you are preparing for a huge trip overseas. (It’s been almost exactly 10 years since this trip) You are going on your 1st mission’s trip. It’s not going to be like anything you have experienced before. You are going to see and experience things, that until you are older you won’t fully understand. Keep your eyes open, take everything in… you will feel God work in your life more than you can imagine. You will see miracles, be a part of them. You are going to lead a person to Christ. You will cry, sing, laugh, dream and learn more about yourself than you thought you would.

When you return home you can feel how you are different than you were when you left. And you will want to keep that feeling inside. There will come a time in the next few months that you chose to push that feeling down inside and change who you are.
I know its annoying hearing everyone (including) your friends say that, “You are such a goodie, you never do anything wrong.” I know that you want to feel popular & feel like people think there is some special about you. You are going to make some choices that you think will make you feel this way.
I want you to know that you are special!
You don’t have to make the wrong choices to gain friends and popularity.
You are enough!

High-school is a lot of fun for you! (You will get into some trouble & almost be caught doing some crazy stuff) You had great friends and you are leader in all you do. Work hard in school; you will not regret learning more! Don’t be afraid of trying to much or working to hard. Don’t be afraid of failing. (It’s going to happen)

I want you to know that by the time you graduate High-school, your life is going to be totally different than it was when you turned 16. You have made some really wrong choices, done things that have really put your life in jeopardy. And I know that while your reading this you can’t imagine making those choices or doing something that could hurt yourself or others… but I urge you to remember who you belong too. You Heavenly Father will not walk away from you… no matter how far you run.

There’s going to be some hard things that happen. There will be two friends who almost lose their lives and fight for it for months. You will get the call while you are in church on a Wednesday it’s going to effect your entire school. You will watch their mother in the hospital & sob sitting at her feet as she tells you how much she trusts the Lord and how she knows Gods plan is better than one she could have dreamed for them. You will lose a friend to a car accident who you grew up with and considered to be a little brother, although it had been a few years since you had spent much time with him or his family. It’s going to change how you view time. It’s going change how you deal with distance from people you love. DON’T EVER TAKE THE TIME YOU HAVE WITH PEOPLE FOR GRANTED!
You are going to stand at his funeral with a packed church of people that you are very close to 
and those who you don't know. You will sing the song "It is Well with my soul" & there will 
never be another time that that song is sung that you don't think of Jared & the strength of his family. 
There is also going to be a point where someone you trust will try and hurt you & the adults that you looked up to will not be fair. You grow from this. This makes you a better person. This makes you love more; it makes you fight more for what you want and what is right. It makes you stronger.

When you are 19, you are going to think you are in love for the 1st time. You will get your 1st real kiss & be told "I love you" from a boy. --- I promise by the end of this letter you will know all about the Love of your life! But this relationship is not it. . (God had MUCH better plans for you)
This relationship is going to teach you SO many things about yourself. You are going to learn that you deserve a man who loves everything about you, who treats you like the most important thing in his life and wants to show you that love as often as he can.
Also, remember that you don’t go into a relationship with someone who you want to change or wants to change you. I know you are going to think that your heart is broken when he ends this relationship with you…Just wait for God has in store.

You graduate college and I am not going to spill the secret of what degree you graduate with, but know that you may end up back in school a few years later! Not because you are not good at what you do, things just change. Go with it, the journey is worth it!

While you are at college you will meet the Love of your life! (I told you He was coming & you won't believe how PERFECT he is for you)There is going to be a moment the 1st day you meet him where you joking tell two friends that you have “found your husband” and you don’t realize that you are actually looking at the man you will one day marry!

I’m telling you that when you pray for this man, God is listening. You are going to see that God created both of you for each other. Down to the smallest details... things you eat, he’s going to like all the parts you don’t! There are going to be some bumpy times but I promise it makes your love stronger! Do Not Give Up!! He loves you more than you really understand! There is not
a day that goes by that he is not on your mind & just thinking 
about him (even 6 1/2 years later) will give you butterflies. Everyday you fall in 
love with him more! 

This is as far as you have gotten. In 10 years from now you will be getting ready to get engaged, and planning a wedding and a life with someone better that you ever dreamed of. Your parents will have become your friends and things will be a lot different. God is still holding you. No matter how far you ran or how dark it got He never walked away. Remember that no matter
how hard things seem that God always has a bigger and better plan for you.
He is going to open all the right doors at all the right times. It will be hard for you 
to be patient, (heck... it's still hard for you to be patient -haha) But God has you in the palm of 
this hand! 

I challenge you to keep digging in, get to know Him better. Let God guide you. I promise his plan for your life is better than you dreamed of.

The older you

Ps- remember to Love who you are. You were fearfully & wonderfully made

I would love to read the letters you have written to your younger self!! Please leave me the link to your blog so I can check them out! 
Thank you so much for stopping by! 

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Monday, March 25, 2013

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