Sunday, January 19, 2014

Popping the questions to my Bridesmaids!

We are 279 days away from our wedding day!!! I cannot believe how quickly it is going!
We are almost to the 9 month mark! I feel like I have gotten so much done, but at the same time I feel like I have SO much to do!
I am learning so much about weddings, food tastings, dresses, contracts, centerpieces and on and on!!
I feel like sometimes I'm not sure whats going on... but People keep telling me that I could do this for a living!
Such a huge complement! I am really enjoying getting to make so many things and use all the ideas I have come up with or taken from pintrest! It really is a lot of fun!

I wanted to share with you how I asked my Bridesmaids to be in our wedding!
Let me start by saying, I have the world's most AMAZING bridal party! I'm not just saying that...  I literally have the most amazing ladies standing by me!!
I do have a very large bridal party, but I cannot imagine not having one of them with me!

Almost as soon as I was engaged, I was ready to ask my ladies to stand by my side! I knew that I wanted to do something special and ask them in a unique way!
So I went to hobby lobby, got some small boxes and colored paper and started making these...

The purple tag on the top said, " Now it's my turn to pop the question..." 
I had to make a lot of these because I have 16 Bridesmaids, and two flower girls! 

As you open the box there is a string attached to the top and as you pull you reveal the question... 

 After you pull the sting all the way out of the box this is what you see.

Attached to the end of the string was a ring that I had made by Amy Cornwell. I have several of her pieces and I knew that I wanted to have her make something for this special time! Each one of the rings say 'Loved' on them. I wanted to remind them that they are so loved by me and so many other people! 

 Here is Jessica opening her box from start to finish! 
(Thankfully her hubby was there to take all the photos & I was on speaker phone as she opened) 

It was so exciting to get text messages from all my ladies holding the ribbon and wearing their rings! Everyone say YES!! =]

I am so blessed!!!

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